Creating a Marketplace takes time and expertise: does your company have the necessary skills and resources in-house? For a relevant result, delivered on time and above all respecting your specifications and your customers' expectations, outsourcing provides you with specialists in the field. Esokia accompanies you in your project with its teams of experienced designers, product owners and developers.

Marketplace: What is it all about?

We all know at least one great Marketplace site name: Leboncoin, Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, Airbnb, etc., for the best known.
These Marketplaces are websites or applications that allow customers (professionals or the general public) to easily purchase goods or services at competitive prices, quality and especially from different sources. This last point implies that companies operating behind the scenes do not have their own inventory, thus saving on their capital.

As we understand it, the Marketplace is a virtual space where a company can sell products or services that it does not produce. It comes in three forms:

  • Vertical : to sell the same product category from different sources ;
  • Horizontal : to sell several types of products sharing a common characteristic ;
  • Globale : to sell all kinds of goods and services, without distinction

If your company plans to create such a virtual structure, why not outsource this project to a development agency? Renowned for the quality of its work, Esokia regularly puts its expertise in Marketplace development to good use with achievements such as :

  • Abana : an online sales site dedicated to the textile and clothing industry in Africa ;
  • Inspect For Less : a platform for linking inspection services (goods) and end customers
  • Alléchant : a platform for bringing together

The advantages of outsourcing the creation of Marketplace

The outsourcing of your Marketplace creation project requires the intervention of an agency recognized for the quality of its work. Esokia has a proven business expertise and practices a different approach from the competition:

Experts support: thanks to their experience and continuous training, our Front End and Back End Developers, Designers and Product Owners are able to advise you on the most suitable functionalities and relevant tools while showing you concrete examples of the results of their work. . More generally, we accompany you from the design of your project to its implementation through its maintenance.

A wide range of technologies : our development agency is renowned for its mastery of a wide range of ecommerce technologies: Magento, Symfony, Sylius, Prestashop, Sitefinity, Drupal Commerce, WordPress, Woo commerce. Used in particular for the development of Marketplace, most of these technologies are linked to each other. This makes it possible to offer a logical evolution of your site. Our flexible approach also allows us to quickly adapt to any change in the technology you choose.
An irreproachable quality for a solid project: each Marketplace site project entrusted to our agency goes through a quality testing service, throughout the development cycle. We are committed to eliminating risks and alleviating your most justified fears as a "virtual trader".

A different organization from the competition : Having the right amount of experienced developers, we have created two teams: one dedicated to the development of visible elements (front-end) and the other, which takes care of the elements taking place in the background (back-end).In addition, drawing on our pool of skills and expertise, we propose to set up dedicated multidisciplinary and experienced teams, including Scrum Master, Product Owner, UX and UI design, front-end and back-end developers, testers and Devops.

Each client is unique : startups, small, medium, large companies, our developers respect to the letter the requirements of each organization, each sector. At the same time, they have a duty to innovate so that your Marketplace agency stays in the race, being modern.

Teams that are always available : Esokia communicates ! We make sure we are always listening to our customers. Thus, you will always be up to date with the evolution of your market place project, including in case of unforeseen events !

Customers who have trusted us for more than 10 years!

Since the creation of our web development agency, we accompany a long list of companies in the realization of their BtoB (Business to Business) and BtoC (Business to Consumer) Marketplace project.
Esokia is the proof that the intervention of experienced external developers makes it possible to :

  • Reduce development costs for a very high quality result, comparable to that offered in Europe ;
  • Benefit from a collective expertise in market development;
  • Allowing your company to focus on its core business without having to worry about the skills available internally for this type of task

Outsourcing your project with the development agency Esokia is your first step towards a unique Marketplace !


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