The Covid-19 has totally changed our daily life, whether in private life or in the professional field. Companies have had to put their working methods back in place to maintain their productivity and keep their business running.

Even before lockdown was imposed, Esokia moved quickly to teleworking so that our employees and customers could prepare for this new mode of work and collaboration. Our objective was to keep on working on customer projects and production while maintaining the same level of performance. For our web and digital agency, this transition went extremely well ! You can learn more about it in our article about our implementation of teleworking.

Discover all the changes that are taking place in our agency for the return of our staff to the office!

Which protocol are we going to follow when we get back to the office?

Since mid-May, the lockdown has been lifted! New sanitary measures must therefore be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Governments then began to consider ways to resume social and corporate life in a way that would respect barrier gestures.

This deconfinement protocol requires serious precautions to be taken by companies and their employees.

1. The respect of sanitary rules:

  • application of hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of the offices
  • use of wipes or disinfectants to clean all workstations every day, before and after the employee's visit.

2. Checking the temperature before walking into the office.

3. Wearing a mask is mandatory before arriving at the workplace and in elevators.

4. Social distancing at the level of offices, meeting rooms, catering and rest areas so that there is at least 1-meter distance between each person.

What are the management's strategies to make this new transition a success?

To achieve a successful transition, we have opted for a hybrid organisation with the continuation of teleworking and a progressive return to work for our teams. The management proposed to the employees to choose their date of return to the premises during the month of July. The objective is to respect the rules of distance and to start the first week with 30% of the workforce, then reach 50% by mid-July.

Over time, and if the spread of the virus does not persist, we hope to be able to return to our pre-confinement pace with 100% of our workforce. Indeed, as we are a digital agency, we always work as a team. We also hold lots of meetings to discuss the different projects so that they are delivered on time and in line with our clients' expectations.

Even if we implement a return to the office, we would like to keep a teleworking day for those employees who wish to do so because they are just as productive and hardworking working from home as they are at the office. We are totally satisfied with the way our employees have successfully made the various work mode transitions. We have therefore given them the freedom to choose the day they wish to work from home.

A few words from Patrick Morin - Director of Esokia Maurice

"Returning to the office in a progressive manner was essential in order to be able to observe what was happening around us, and thus adapt as best as possible while avoiding excessive crowd movement. We continuously communicated with employees to seek their advice on how best to manage the return to the office, some of them wishing to coincide with the resumption of school or work for other family members".

And what do our people think about this return?

Esokia is not just a web agency but a team of digital addicts who love to work together and in good spirits ! One of the only inconveniences of the telework teams was precisely the fact that they didn't have the opportunity to meet in the office to exchange and see each other amongst colleagues !

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