The digital agency joins the Maltem Group and integrates its Design Experience community alongside the companies Bocasay, Guiz, Frianbiz, and P4H to strengthen its international capacity to support digital transformation.

The Maltem Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of the digital agency Esokia, based in Paris, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Belgrade. Esokia offers a 360° approach ranging from the design of services, to UX / UI design, to the development of MVPs, websites, marketplaces and mobile applications, but also to the hosting and maintenance of digital services.

The agency joins the Maltem group. Founded in 2001 by Jean-Luc Clamen and Pascal Mennesson, Maltem is an expert group in digital transformation and innovation, which today brings together more than 1,000 employees, spread across 12 countries. The group's activity covers a wide field of skills organized in communities: Consulting, Data, Agility, Development, Design Experience and Cybersecurity with specific expertise in the fields of banking, insurance, energy, health, media and sport.

 Esokia will notably enable Maltem to develop its expertise in e-commerce and associated technologies such as Drupal, Magento or Symfony. Esokia achieves 25% growth in 2021 and employs around 100 people.

 In accordance with the group's external growth policy, this merger will be carried out with the support of the founders of Esokia, Michel Demari and Patrick Morin, who remain shareholders in the company's capital and will participate in this new phase of development.

 This acquisition was made possible thanks to the recent fundraising carried out by Maltem from Siparex Intermezzo, which aims to continue its growth dynamic by accelerating its European acquisition strategy, and supported by the firm of advice to finance Cairn Partners.

 Denis Lacour, Board Member of the Esokia agency for 7 years and co-founder and director of La Plage Factory in Mauritius, gives way to the Maltem group: « I was very proud to support Esokia in its growth and it was a great pleasure. I wish Esokia to grow even faster thanks to the entry into the capital of a leading ESN ».

 Jean-Luc Clamen, Pascal Mennesson, Founders of Maltem: « We are very happy that Esokia is joining the Maltem group. The company will strengthen the technological value proposition of our digital hub, in particular through outsourced production sites in the Indian Ocean ».

 Michel Demari, Patrick Morin, Esokia Founders: « Joining the Maltem group is an excellent opportunity to further accelerate our digital transformation support offer with mid-size companies and large accounts while sharing common values ».

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Esokia Maltem