A graduate of Vontovorona Polytechnic School (Antananarivo), Andriniaina Rabarimisa is undoubtedly a child of the internet generation. So much so that he readily describes himself as "addicted to the web and the back and front end technologies that revolve around it". The new technical director of Esokia Madagascar looks back on web development, business growth, recruiting young talents within the island continent.

1. Hello Adriniaina, apart from your time at Vontovorona Polytechnic School, what is your professional background? Why are you convinced that Esokia Madagascar is a logical choice?

After finishing my studies in 2007, I started working in an IT start up where I trained as a web developer. Promoted to project manager in 2011, I continued my training to stay in step with the evolution of front end development, marked in particular by the birth of bootstrap, node.js, etc. Afterwards, my training opened another door for me in 2014, this time in front end development within a company located in Mauritius.

Returning to Madagascar 2 years later, I joined a new digital company as project manager, coach and then deputy technical director, until 2019.

After the pandemic period, which got the better of many jobs in Madagascar, I joined Esokia this year - for reasons in line with my professional ambition: reliable employers, a young and dynamic team, premises located in the heart of the city and more importantly, many challenges to take on.


2. Madagascar is digitizing in a tangible way and gaining in importance as a destination for web development. What does Esokia Madagascar offer in this area?

Esokia Madagascar offers teams of experts in web and mobile development, using different modern web and mobile technologies. We work on various innovative projects, from the simplest to the most complex in Agile, Waterfall or hybrid methodology.


3. Would you say the island is well on its way to becoming an IT hub in the region?

Of course, thanks to existing technological advances, to universities specializing in computer science, from which elites emerge every year, and Malagasy youth who no longer hesitate to move towards this field in all regions of the island ... Madagascar is definitely a future IT hub!


4. Esokia Madagascar recently moved to more spacious and ergonomic premises, a sign that the company is growing strongly. What changes have you observed since the creation of this Malagasy agency?

Esokia Madagascar works with important clients with international reach. This confidence they have in Esokia is based on our company's ability to recruit young developers who are motivated and professionally ambitious.


5. It is a fact understood and integrated by all : the young Madagascan generation shows real enthusiasm for everything related to technology and digital. Does this development benefit Esokia Madagascar? What is the extent of the expertise of your teams?

In order to maintain the level of excellence of Esokia Madagascar, we are recruiting young talents with mastery of the latest technologies in the web world, but who also the desire to learn other technologies in order to always be on top!


6. Overall, Esokia Innovative Digital Agency forms a young, dynamic team with a passion for digital. How have you been dealing with the atmosphere and with the team since your arrival?

It’s an exciting atmosphere! Everyone is welcoming, smiling and above all, full of humor! When it's time to get to work, concentration is key. As a team, we evolve together in a spirit of mutual respect, a necessary element when sharing the audio space between customer calls, daily meetings, coders working while listening to music through their headphones ...

This cohesion is also possible thanks to a climate of trust established by the technical management team always present to help with stumbling blocks, to act as spokespeople with the Mauritius team - when difficulties and needs arise during the course of a project.


7. All good reasons for joining Esokia Madagascar, then?

Esokia Madagascar is beginning to reach maturity in terms of the demands of the profession, and is gradually making a name for itself among the major digital agencies in Madagascar. With its workforce of around fifty talented young people, work methodologies adapted to each one, projects in accordance with modern web technologies, quality requirements on results and a friendly working atmosphere, you have your place at Esokia Madagascar!

Do you want to join a young, passionate and talented team?

Esokia Madagascar is recruiting! Join an ambitious team, committed to a job well done and always on the lookout for the latest technologies. Give a boost to your professional career by joining our company.

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