Redesigning a website can breathe new life into a business. However, you still have to clearly define the objectives of your project and know how to go about it, step by step.

Website redesign is a strategic maneuver

Website redesign is indeed a strategic maneuver. Staying current is a real challenge in the digital age, especially with the global acceleration of digitization. Internet users' needs and inclinations are changing rapidly. Trends in demand for products and services, consumption patterns, electronic and digital interfaces (including software and applications) used, evolve with continuous technological progress.

In this context, it is imperative to present an up-to-date, optimized website, combining effective structure and functionality, an attractive and fluid design; because your online portal is the window of your business. It projects your vision, mission, as well as your offers and events to the world.

This makes your website one of the main strategic tools of your company, allowing you to communicate with your direct and indirect customers, to promote your brand image, your services; position yourself and be one of the leaders in your field. By improving your virtual space, you can more effectively reach your target: better meet the expectations of visitors and meet the demands of the market.

The cases where a redesign of your website is necessary

In some cases, website redesign is essential. It is both a question of survival and growth. Here are the main reasons to get started, including:

  • Improve the responsiveness and adaptability of your site

When it comes to SEO, Google takes the responsive aspect into account as an important indicator in terms of SEO. Therefore, it is crucial that your website be responsive and adaptive (the "responsive design"), offering a comfortable consultation on a variety of devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, television ...), having screens of different sizes. This facilitates the user experience (UX), both in reading and browsing and improves your visibility on the big web.

  • Make the design of your site more ergonomic and attractive

The design of your website greatly contributes to its accessibility and attractiveness. To make a good impression on your existing and potential customers, partners and collaborators, you need a website that makes them want to view its pages. Present varied, useful and entertaining content to your target audience. Thus, they will spend more time on your website and come back to it; increasing the chances of converting visitors into customers, which will translate into increased revenue for your business.

  • Align with your competitors' websites or stand out from the crowd

It is a good idea to offer at least the same quality of functionality, information and service on your website as what your best competitors offer. Take note of the content of their websites and try to align with what they offer, so you don't miss out on sales and gain market shares. You can also adopt another tactic: to stand out. Position yourself with optimized content, keywords (SEO) or services that your competitors have not thought of.

  • Boost traffic to your site

The positioning of your website on the search engines depends on an effective long-term SEO strategy. To increase the visibility of your site, it is important to closely follow the standards of Google, the most widely used search engine worldwide. In addition, it also means providing an attractive website (resulting in less bounce); work on the age and reputation of the domain name and be recommended by third-party sites.

N.B. Other reasons for a website redesign may be, for example, the addition of features such as e-commerce, a change of visual identity and graphic charter or even the security of your website.

The main stages of a website redesign

  • The definition and planning of the website redesign;
  • Mock-up: the design of prototypes and models on Photoshop;
  • The selection of a content management system (CMS);
  • Review of the structure and content of the site;
  • Improving the visual appearance of the site;
  • The development of the site (the implementation of a CMS, the development of features, etc.);
  • Integration of content (texts, images, videos, sounds, etc.);
  • SEO (relevant keywords, optimization of title tags, content, internal networking and redirects);
  • Conducting tests;
  • The launch and post-launch analysis.

To successfully redesign your website, it is essential to identify your needs and expectations regarding this project. Also determine the desired tree structure and your budget. This will allow you to develop specifications to send to a web development agency.

Esokia: the digital agency you need for your website redesign project

With 12 years of experience in the IT and digital fields, Esokia masters the range of web development techniques and processes. In addition, a few months ago, we overhauled our official site, in order to offer a better user experience to our visitors.

Guided by a web project manager, the assigned tasks are carried out by a team of Front-end and Back-end developers, UX and UI designers, QA testers and web marketers.

We will first conduct an audit of your current website: a technical and editorial audit, but also an analysis of the keywords used, as well as a competitive and popularity study. This will allow us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online storefront.

As for website redesign solutions, we will offer depending on the gaps:

  • To produce functional models;
  • To conceive a new design, new interfaces, a responsive display;
  • To adopt a new graphic charter and a new site map;
  • To develop a migration plan;
  • To create SEO optimized content and attractive visuals.

We are at your disposal to listen to your needs and expectations and make your project succeed. We proceed with web development by applying the Agile-Scrum method. Thus, we keep you informed of the status of each task that has been defined in the planning of your redesign project. Finally, before deploying your new website, we perform various tests to ensure that it is working properly and correct any bugs. Note that you can also assign the maintenance of your website to us, so don't wait any longer ... Contact us to find out more!


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